Child and Family Advocacy
Having a lengthy background in Special Education Wright Behavior provides a high level of advocacy. Holding an undergraduate degree in Criminal Law/Justice as well as a Masters in Special Education, the founder of Wright Behavior (Torri Wright) is able to provide a brief legal point of view with incredible insight to what the educational system entails. Collaboration being the ultimate goal, with an intense focus of what is best for the child.

Behavior Consultation
In home assessments, Functional Behavioral Assessments and Behavior Support Plans, coupled with training for each and follow up sessions – Package pricing available 

Training: BEHCA (Behavioral, Environment, health comparative analysis) – a data tracking application for schools, families and behavioral therapists/consultants to gather more sufficient and solid data to support IEP goals, BSP goals. The comparative component allows a deeper look into what is actually working or not as well as components we might not have otherwise looked into as a factor contributing to behaviors.

OIS (Oregon Intervention System) – Check with me for upcoming workshops.

Parent workshops:

How to navigate IEP meetings, communicate with the case managers and teachers, while advocating for your child

How to train your in-home providers (PSW) as an actual Supervisor and create a healthy working environment within your home

In-home Provider workshops ~ Understanding developmental disabilities, creating a positive environment, creating a self-plan with goals, and finding ways to be creative with challenging situations. Creating a more professional resume within the provider setting to grow a career and/or business

Initial evaluation and consultation package 

Use a minimum of 5 hours @ $70/hr = $350.00 (discount of $70)

This can include:

  • Initial interview
  • File-review (brief history)/IEP review
  • Creating an agenda for meeting with school or plan to move forward with FA/BSP
  • IEP or team meeting with school
  • (for behavior consultation only) Documentation and initial recommendations

Additional services (hours): $85/hr.

Brief consultations can be less per hour (in the Metropolitan area) ~ Call for rates

On-going (monthly) service rates are reduced further ~ call for rates 

Emergency (after hours) and crisis intervention services: $160/hr.