Collaboration between home, school and community

How many parents out there feel like there could be a better way to communicate between school? Do you ever feel high anxiety when you have a notice for a meeting or are called in to talk to the teacher?

What have your experiences been?

How often do people stare at you within your own community when your child is melting down? Do you have any fun tricks or suggestions for those parents who may be struggling with this?

Note From the Author: Collaboration and community are key to any child’s success, therefore finding a balance within the system is essential. We, as parents and community members can create a bond, with knowledge-based collection to decrease stresses/anxiety upon entering schools to attend much needed meetings (to collaborate about our child’s success).

Thought has been given to presenting workshop opportunities in the area of educational basics with for children with disabilities. I am hoping this blog will guide us all in a direction needed.

One thought on “Collaboration between home, school and community

  1. Communication with the school is often difficult and anxiety creating. I know that I still get butterflies in the pit of my stomach when the schools number shows up on my caller ID. My anxiety at times, when dealing with the school system has been so severe that Ive had to take a mild sedative just to be able to sit constructively through a meeting. The frustration with the “system” takes over sometimes and its my instinct to protect my child. Ultimately, I just want what is best for my child and I have often felt that the school has another objective, putting me in an internal struggle and making communication difficult.

    This year, with help, Im trying something new..and difficult for me. I am truly trying to make an effort to gain more knowledge of the “system” and work collaboratively with the schools. I have taken a new approach to meetings, educated myself on policies and procedures, and worked on my communication skills. It HAS made a HUGE difference! It has not completely taken the anxiety out of the situation, but my phone calls and meetings are not escalated and Im not needing an anti-anxiety med, before talking to someone in the district. I am more relaxed, the administrators and teachers are more relaxed, and my CHILD is more relaxed, not to mention, we are FINDING SUCCESS this year, just by the subtle changes in communication.

    Knowledge is power and the more I learn, the more empowered I feel as a parent. The easier it is for me to make confident decisions.

    I think one of the biggest struggles is the lack of understanding and knowledge most parents have.I personally would love to see workshops for parents just like me who have struggled with getting their child the help they need within the school in order to be successful.

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