I would love to hear from those of you who have read this book. I have been digging in and have come to learn some very important historical information around Autism. Perhaps Steve Silberman is in fact right, “We need to invest in helping people live with autism rather than finding the case.”

Check out his NPR interview here, if you have not read the book yet. And if you have let me know your thoughts.


I am incredibly thankful to have the opportunity to work with such incredible little beings in my life! What a gift every single one of them has been and I enjoy meeting new souls everyday! The kids I have been blessed in crossing paths with have brought joy and absolute love into my life, for this I humbly full of gratitude.

Thank you for sharing your journey! Thank you for sharing your kids! Thank you for being here, your purpose is heard, your purpose is needed and your purpose goes far beyond what it may seem! Thank you for the perseverance! Thank you for the unconditional love! Thank you for being the voice and standing strong!

Many blessings to you all!

Is Partnership Important?

Is partnership with the school your child attends important? Is partnership important with your case manager? Is partnership important within your community?

These are all questions I would love to hear more of you input on. Do you currently have a good relationship with each of these areas? If so, what helped that process? If not, what would you like to see happen. If you do not feel it is important, let me know this as well. As a part of my work these questions are extremely important and valuable and helpful to building bridges in the right way.

I look forward to hearing from you! We can only grow through collaboration and community, so I welcome any feedback, truly!

The Dangers of GMO and How It Affects Us

Dr. Paul Thomas explains GMO’s in an interesting and simple way. Giving us a something to think about when it comes to our diet and what we are eating as well as feeding our children. What do you think?

If 90% of communication is non-verbal… What makes up the rest?

Eyes… Facial expression… Body language… Transference of vibrational energy… All make up this strange thing we do; communicate. The voice, which carries our words, only makes up a minuscule 10% of interpretation as well as adding power to the message. Keeping this idea in mind, why don’t we slow down more often and pay closer attention to the 90% of what others are trying to tell us? Imagine, if we trained ourselves to truly “look” and “feel” our way through conversations, what our world would look like.

Well, I have a theory – Those amazing souls experiencing Autism are here to “teach” us just how it is done. As well as teaching us to live in the moment more often. Oh – and test our impatient ways… 🙂

BPA – Endocrine System Disruptors – linked to Autism

BPA Causing Endocrine disruption for 3 generations out – Endocrine Disruptors being linked to Autism

Autism is still a mystery, even to those who have deeply studied, investigated and explored. We are continually being challenged with the way we interact, present or approach children with Autism. How often do we sit back and just listen and watch? Maybe they will tell us, through their own language…

BPA (bisphenol-A) is in nearly everything we use. Please see the link below. Note the source – NEW YORK TIMES! Yes, that is correct. This does mean we are getting close to a potential change. Let’s hope that is.

I would love to know what your thoughts and opinions are on this. Have a wonderful Monday!

Quiet your mind… Quiet your body…

Resonate with your heart/soul, listen to the message they have and note your thoughts.

Now, allow this same practice while quietly watching your child. Let his or her vibration communicate their message…

Collaboration between home, school and community

How many parents out there feel like there could be a better way to communicate between school? Do you ever feel high anxiety when you have a notice for a meeting or are called in to talk to the teacher?

What have your experiences been?

How often do people stare at you within your own community when your child is melting down? Do you have any fun tricks or suggestions for those parents who may be struggling with this?

Note From the Author: Collaboration and community are key to any child’s success, therefore finding a balance within the system is essential. We, as parents and community members can create a bond, with knowledge-based collection to decrease stresses/anxiety upon entering schools to attend much needed meetings (to collaborate about our child’s success).

Thought has been given to presenting workshop opportunities in the area of educational basics with for children with disabilities. I am hoping this blog will guide us all in a direction needed.