Home And School Relationships

Home and school are two unique environments, with different expectations, systems, adults and so forth. However, there are certain areas we hope they share commonalities. Those would be the compassionate caring for children, safety and well-being, child-centered plans and overall understanding of what the needs are of the child.

Often, these small details seem to get quickly caught up in litigious policies, systems and expectations, ultimately impacting the child in a deeper way. The intentions are never to negatively impact the child in any environment, unfortunately lack of communication and understanding from home to school prevents basic things from taking place, in turn creating tension, misunderstandings, anxiety and eventually anger.

As a child and family advocate I hope to always facilitate both parties in not only coming together with a common focus and place to move forward, but begin building a better relationship. This is accomplished through breaking down the unintentional walls, interpreting the two different languages (school speak to home speak and vice versa). When families and school begin to work collaboratively together big shifts can take place and often entire programs are impacted positively.

I would love to hear more of what the community is feeling, experiencing and what areas they see as potential solutions to the “us” verses “them” approach we seem to have come to more often than not when navigating school services for our children.