Behavior is a symptom or function serving a purpose. Finding the underlying cause or purpose can be a lifelong challenge, well worth the investigation.

Investigation begins with inside observation equally as much as outside discovery… Environment, health, diet, sensory, anxiety, spacial awareness, motor control, communication, and social interactions are only the beginning of a much longer list in which one would have to dissect to implement a full Functional Assessment followed up with a strategic, goal driven Behavior Support Plan.

Wright Behavior: Consulting and Advocacy holds a high amount of pride in putting the child first, alongside the family. Creating a sustainable, interactive life for you and your loved one(s). Finding a way to live in harmonious balance becomes the desired goal.

“We are a part of a village dedicated to increasing the quality of life for the families we serve.” 

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I would love to hear from those of you who have read this book. I have been digging in and have come to learn some very important historical information around Autism. Perhaps Steve Silberman is in fact right, “We need to invest in helping people live with autism rather than finding the case.”

Check out his NPR interview here, if you have not read the book yet. And if you have let me know your thoughts.

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